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Being Teaching – It all started with the sole reason of being able to communicate science without all the jargon. We believe that science is extremely exciting and fascinating and our classroom science often does that injustice and bores us. Someone with a science background, interested in working as a freelance science writer with us.

About the Job

Selected candidate’s responsibilities include:

  1. Conduct research regarding interesting topics, concepts and facts related to science through various online resources, studies, and from interviews with scientists. The research has to be done with proper scientific rigor.
  2. Write comprehensive, well-researched, and easy-to-understand science articles which an average person can easily understand. Please note: we try to write in a way that can easily be used to explain it to a 6th grader.
  3. Provide proper scientific references for the information, if possible.
  4. Think creatively and come up with new and interesting content ideas.


  • Proficiency in writing in English
  • An undergraduate degree in any of the Sciences or Mathematics
  • To research, read, and come up with interesting and engaging topics to write on.


We work on both pay per article and pay per word modes. Payout and the payment model will depend on the experience that the person brings on board. Our payouts are done on the first week of the month.

Selection Process

Send us a short write-up on why you want to write for Being Teaching and your CV/resume to

If you are selected, we’ll ask you to write a sample article based on which we’ll shortlist you for a personal interview.

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